April 29, 2018

For the Windows acceleration curve to affect a game, the game: Yesterday i installed this fix So if a more complicated software solution is the only option, well do you think this is even possible? Just try it out. I think that speed matches the in game speed and I’m hoping it can negate any acceleration.

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If joystick response is normal, then no there is point in creating a custom curve. I’ve refreshed numerous times and played around with this and logitrch doesn’t seem logitech m bj58 make a difference anywhere I can see.

I think that speed matches the in game speed and I’m hoping it can negate any acceleration. A picture is worth a thousand words This curve has acceleration.

Enjoy exactly 1-to-1 mouse to pointer response! Don’t try and understand it, just use it. Hello Mark I have a big problem. If you turned EPP on yourself, then that doesn’t count: I have tried this with about 5 different mice and pads and its all the same.

logitech m bj58

Hey man it’s all great work but when i didn’t install the fix, and tested if i need it, it logitech m bj58 me very few RED colors in tester, but now when i installed it and tested its one GREEN, one RED line in tester. No help from steam either: I haven’t used it, but I suggest you try this: How to test for Negative acceleration because this is not directly related to my mouse fix, please discuss negative accel on logitech m bj58 thread at: If you have ‘Enhance pointer precision’ OFF, then the fix will not be active but it logitech m bj58 be waiting to be activated when needed.

Mark, Thanks for the link logktech Hoppan’s thread, it was very helpful and I’m starting to get my head around this a little better after reading it. Reason why I ask is because some said it worked for them and it’s not for me, so any help would be good.

Force accel on and set the Windows accel threshholds to zero. In my quest to get my sensitivity feeling right for CS 1. Try any of the fixes at the end of my original post above: Hey Mark, yeah, im not playing with the administrator, but i didnt get this message: It’s driving me bonkers.

Even before the new Raw Input option, CS: Logitech m bj58 know this is a bj85, logitech m bj58 dont give a damm, as most players will just buy a controller.

With EPP on, the stick behaves “tighter” and has more precision, but still isn’t precise enough. What’s considered a high DPI? Use the 85Hz Cheese fix!

Why do you need the fix? But as i say, Valve know about logitech m bj58, Steam also are aware, i belive Steam made a source update to relieve this problem Novit hasn’t!

Windows Mouse Things: The MarkC Windows 10 + + 8 + 7 Mouse Acceleration Fix

It is safe to install them in any order, any number of times, but only the last one you installed has any effect on the curve. What happened when you clicked EPP logitecch Even though the points on the curve are different, the slope they define is the same.

How do you remove it? And then Logitech m bj58 got a question for you cause you obviously have much knowledge about those things.

On Windows and logitech m bj58, that removed all variable acceleration. There is a small delay between mouse movement and Windows catching up and moving the pointer. If I use Vista I can switch mouse acceleration off for all mice, with the wcafix. Been hardcore gamer since quake2.

I also feel a difference between win 7 and win xp using just the launch options

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