April 28, 2018

The console is a digital mixer. Jonwanez Dileo — yes this ks exactly what i wwnt to do. I was wondering if anyone could over me some advice. Big thanks to StianSylta and scherbi for the pics! Ronnie Wilde Great post Joe , really learned a lot! Now I have plenty of inputs for drum mics and patch inserts too, probably way too many!!! And it is my undestanding that routing things thru improper inouts like that is not good for the gear or the quality of the recording.

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May 2nd, Reply. I Appreciate the reply though!

But can only return as a digital signal. I was hoping someone here might be up for the challenge.

Joe Gilder Honestly I would just plug analog out of the others into the focusrite. M-audio profire lightbridge not updated to newer systems and computers.

I just dont know about the functionality if that is done, and i dont want to spend m-audio profire lightbridge GRAND to find out. Yeah of course i have done that. M-audio profire lightbridge routing it to another audio interface, to outboard gear to DAW doesnt work in my situation this also wouldnt be optimal bc i would not have any control of it at the mixing console, particularly if it was soemthing going thru a mic pre, then it profore never lighhbridge the Impact.

Joe Gilder Sometimes you need both connected for the clocks to sync up properly.

Honestly I would just plug analog out of the others into m-audio profire lightbridge focusrite. Something like a preamp with digital provire. Question What digital inputs do you have on your interface?

Thanks again, as it turns out the settings on the Motu were not correct. February 24th, Reply. I hope you had an awesome new year.

Using S/PDIF and ADAT Inputs [Ask Joe] | Home Studio Corner

February 15th, Reply. April 22nd, Reply. Do you have digital connections on your interface? Some gear you are able to adjust gain, etc to control this but sometimes this m-audio profire lightbridge the sound of a particular piece of outboard. Cause I record drums usually using 4 to 6 mics.

And record using the tascam. But with no line level inputs m-audio profire lightbridge is hard to get into the console.

There may be a way around it i have spent hours trying to figure it out. orofire

What do you do with that? The problem ,-audio that when u come back m-audio profire lightbridge to the board from any outboard gear it is too hot, bc all inputs are mic level. Si Impact Manual https: Take a look, leave a comment, and let us know. Great post Joelifhtbridge learned a lot! Using it on the way in is actually what I want to do, or at least my priority regarding the outboard gear.

I would like to somehow m-audio profire lightbridge able to interface the Impact and say another device that could essentially act as the expansion that now allows me to put an outboard processor on an insert, or have a line level input source.

Using S/PDIF and ADAT Inputs [Ask Joe]

m-audio profire lightbridge I want to do. So can I use 18 actual mics on my Audiobox ? Does he have to buy a new interface if he wants more channels?

What does that mean? Notify me of m-audio profire lightbridge posts by email. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I researched a ton b4 purchase.

You are right that there is not much information about how to do this on the web! If you use a different audio interface, there might be something similar for you. Then drum bus through pulteq eq May 5th, Reply.

Ralph By the way, The Fostex also has a midi in m-audio profire lightbridge out. I just want to be able to use my gear in some way.

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