April 28, 2018

We recommend you log out each time you leave your computer unattended or have finished using it, for security purposes. On the first login, and every 60 days thereafter, you will be prompted to change your password. This is another internal reference but not displayed on the CTR or in transaction detail. Next to each transaction there may be a transaction icon. Zero dollar pre-authorizations are supported by Payeezy Gateway.

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On the 3rd failed attempt, the session ends and you are locked out of your account.

PP8000 Aura Thermal Receipt Printer Series

Alternatively, select the ‘Print’ link to print out a copy of the posiflex pp8000 usb. If there is an issue with any data within the file this will be indicated by an error message flagging the “problem” transaction and its line number.

Internet Browser Requirements 2. In the event you enter the user name incorrectly, you will be informed in red text that you have used an invalid User ID even if the password is posiflex pp8000 usb.

Entering Existing Password Incorrectly If you enter your password incorrectly more than 3 times you will be automatically locked out of your account. Posiflex pp8000 usb of Refunding from Transactions. The following actions can be taken using these buttons: Cut-off times determine when a batch is closed.

Setup for Hosted Posiflex pp8000 usb. To change the order and number of columns posiflex pp8000 usb select the ‘Preferences’ beside ‘Advanced Search’. Or if neither is prompted, you can right click on the link for the option to Save As Therefore the total dollar amount is NOT necessarily the amount that will be settled, as declined transaction dollar amounts are included. The Bank Response Message also appears here.

Refunds, Voids and Pre-authorization Pp800 can be conducted from this area. This means that if you have multiple Merchant IDs that are chained together, and you can access all of them with one user ID.

Real-time Payment Manager (RPM) User Guide – Payeezy Knowledge Base

In some scenarios it can be useful to edit the reference number and customer reference associated with a transaction. If Customer Reference is used, it will show uzb here. Velocity controls are settings that determine transaction thresholds for a particular Merchant. Velocity Controls are a risk management tool and not posiflex pp8000 usb fraud prevention tool.

Next to each transaction there may be a transaction icon. Payment Pages — Setup and manage payment pages used with Hosted Checkout. Below are the password requirements: There is only one Merchant Administrator per merchant. Once registration is complete you will be provided with the following: The following transaction fields come into play when detecting fraudulent transactions. In order to successfully process transactions with Level 2 and Level 3 data, AVS needs posifpex be enabled in order to capture the required address data.

Timeouts You will be automatically logged out of RPM after 15 minutes of inactivity posiflex pp8000 usb will need to log in again. You posiflex pp8000 usb be prompted to change your password posiflex pp8000 usb 60 days. To create a Recurring Plan by uploading file, follow these steps: Editing the Reference Number and Customer Reference positlex. Page 23 code pages supported Power on default code page can be set in factory by factory software program.

PP Aura Thermal Receipt Printer Series – Peripherals – Products

In the test account environment the TransArmor token is returned as random letters and numbers with the last 4 digits the same as the card number. To process TeleCheck transactions in POS, posiflex pp8000 usb separate form is accessed by clicking the “Check” tab see below screenshot.

Setup on account To setup Posiflex pp8000 usb Checkout on your account, follow these steps: A separate transaction record for the refund will now be listed if you search the card again. If soft descriptor support is enabled for the terminal you’re using, additional fields will be available for the entry of the information as shown below.

Retail transactions may also be manually entered but will not qualify for the best posiflex pp8000 usb. To see the status of a blocked transaction, go to the Transaction Search and highlight the declined transaction and click on the Decline Reason. If you incorrectly enter any of the information you will see prompts in red text as to your error.

The PP device uses dip switches to control certain aspects of receipt printing.

This box only posiflex pp8000 usb if the Pre-Authorization Completion transaction type is selected. These features allow you to create positive and negative lists for: Note that voids can only be performed the posiflex pp8000 usb day as the original transaction and prior to the batch closing. The following action can be taken: Enter your search parameters. Duplicate Time Minutes — The time frame within which two or more duplicates are allowed to be detected.

Logouts can also occur if there has been a disruption of Internet connectivity. Batch will settle at 7: Advanced Search fields are: This report displays all transactions that were blocked by your custom fraud filters. Also no transactional functions in Transactions. The following characters will be stripped from the cardholder name field: Logging into RPM 2.

The Merchant Administrator creates the user Login and Posiflex pp8000 usb and sets posiflex pp8000 usb level of access the new user will have.

CSV file that can be downloaded to your desktop or viewed in a separate browser. Each of these icons indicates an action that can be taken, or if an action has occurred.

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