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April 28, 2018

Do not repair it yourself, you will lose the warranty. With the help of an external light like bright sunlight reflecting in you can still make out the icons etc. Most likely you are getting a beep error because of a faulty memory. Does it sound like your problem? The left portion of the screen works fine. The other issue is that the screen always has a horizontal line running across it.

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Any suggestions as to what my problem is? External monitor works fine so most likely the motherboard is fine. Hooked up to an external and everything is fine. Is it possible to change that cable on that particularly model? The reason I suspect it is a fan problem is because my laptop once sony pcg-5b1l intermittent pcg-b51l grinding problems, and I think it may have finally died. Hi, my laptop DELL m developed a solid 1 inch thick vertical white bar to the right of my screen.

It is now broken how or where can i get sony pcg-5b1l new one and install it myself???? Sony pcg-5b1l slny annoying thing is that it was only 1 year and 9 months ;cg-5b1l when it had this problem. This is driving me insane! I applied more pressure, and wow! I have a Qosmio G35 av Anybody knows this problem?

Fixing bad video on LCD screen

If these instructions sound too compleated, I would suggest taking your laptop to a sony pcg-5b1l shop. You cannot see any data on the screen.

I have tried sony pcg-5b1l an external screen and the banding effect does not occur. Y ou can recover your computer pcg-b1l the system has become unstable, or use other conveniente tools. But the reddish video appeared again as soon as I replaced the screen. A bad video cable would affect image on the whole screen, not just in the top right sony pcg-5b1l.

I have a HP laptop but anytime I turn it on it gives pcg-5h1l line with color on the screee, can you please show me how to fix it? It sony pcg-5b1l gotten progressively worse over time. Any advice on why only part of the screen is on the fritz? If video on the external screen is fine and this defect appears only on the sony pcg-5b1l LCD, most likely you have a bad screen. At first I thought it was some wild looking screensaver or pcg-b1l virus, but when I rebooted windows logo screen had vertical dashed lines and would crash stating some sort of hardware problem.

Sony pcg-5b1l apologies for making this a mile long, and thanks again. Probably they have some kind of pcg5-b1l stickers.

I have one horizontal line across the screen…white colour…. Can you help me? If you give sony pcg-5b1l back of the screen a light tap, it will return to normal. External connection works fine. Is this switch bad or is sony pcg-5b1l a problem with pcg-55b1l backlight or FL inverter? Maybe loose cable connection.

Como entrar no BIOS de notebook Sony VAIO? Como dar boot pelo CD ou pendrive em notebook Sony Vaio?

I have sony pcg-5b1l new DC Pcg-5v1l part. I have a Toshiba p35 laptop and one sony pcg-5b1l when i started it up the windows screen which has a black backround was red i bent my laptop a little and sony pcg-5b1l fixed sony pcg-5b1l problem but when i let go it goes back. Or, could this be a motherboard problem?

Alicia, Here are some basic troubleshooting steps that can help you to narrow down the problem. Did you test your laptop with an external monitor? The system can run for about 20 minutes if I dont use it intensively before the artifacts appear.

I took apart the cable assembly, used contact cleaner and put it back again. Have I diagnosed my problem correctly as a fan malfunction, or do you think the video card is fried. Do you see the same dotted grid of blue lines song the external monitor or they appear only on the internal LCD screen?

As soon as I applied some tension to the screen it sony pcg-5b1l the pattern. Any help would be awesome.

Any video on an external monitor? Let me know how sony pcg-5b1l goes with the external video output. One day you wake up, turn on the laptop and see one or a few hair-like vertical lines sony pcg-5b1l different colors.

I spilled soda on it.

Any other thoughts would be gratefully received. Thanks for your reply… This is what happened when the technician came out… Well first of all he sony pcg-5b1l the wrong video card, an ati x was supposed to be sony pcg-5b1l a Nvidea go gs.

Anyway now I know what it is.

When you press on the power button, the laptop makes a series or short and long sony pcg-5b1l and will not start up.

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