April 30, 2018

I have an HP G that turns on for 2 seconds, spins the fan and cuts out. I had acer aspire laptop which stopped suddenly giving black and white lines blinking on the LCD screen; i pushed the poweron button to turn it off. The weirdest thing is that sometimes it does not happen, it stays on forever. But nothing turns on. I was trying to plug in a mouse and accidentally bumped the cable from the external monitor that was plugged into the laptop. LCD when working its perfect, the issue is the color changes occasionally. Turns on, pwr led lights up, but only intermittently does POST.

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Can you remove the keyboard and try reconnecting the keyboard cable to the motherboard.

Remove the battery, wait for minutes, plug in the adapter and try turning it on again. Hi, i have the same laptop with the same symptoms.

U should also take out the CPU, see if there are burn marks which would indicate it was x. Hello friend, I have a Toshiba Sattelite Afor many years. I dont have the batery at present,iam using it at home at fixed place,ihave repaced battery one year ago,this problume persist since decmber Toshiba satellite a135 s7404 xp i tried it with the xo and it did the same thing as last time. Turns on, pwr led lights up, but only intermittently does POST.

The only other thing I can tell you is the battery is completly juiced so it only runs on the power adapter.

Toshiba Sound Card Drivers Download

What do you think? If the laptop is completely dead and there are no LED lights, it looks like the motherboard is not getting any power at toshiba satellite a135 s7404 xp. I replaced both the battery and the power supply. The last 2 times it blue screened if I moved the computer physically. Pressing power button causes one flash of LED by power button and the power indicators at the bottom left of the case. The CPU fan never turns on. If i boot in normal the blue screen. The display settings and drivers, the monitor and cable, have been checked OK.

Try another wall outlet. Hi, I have an HP Pavillion dv which was working fine until some water got knocked over onto it overnight. Toshiba satellite a135 s7404 xp can I do to fix this poblem.

I tried checking rams as per the instructions in your tutorial but still the same.

Laptop is dead. How to troubleshoot.

Checked for voltage on motherboard at a known SAFE location reset button found power. The PC will have to be truly off not suspended, or in standby mode, or in hibernation mode.

I removed the memory and saw there was the factory and then a 1 gb. Can you boot the laptop to Toshiba logo on the screen? Soon after that i tried to put things back on, but I can only get a power blink once every time I press the power button.

I have the a35 problem as 54th. toshiba satellite a135 s7404 xp

Check the display properties. Once again great article.

BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

Set your multimeter to make noise when the circuit is closed. At first my Presario would toshiba satellite a135 s7404 xp up fine and run. Turns on by itselfruns for 2 seconds and turns off. So i dont think it has a power toshiba satellite a135 s7404 xp. It could also be the onboard graphics card.

I have an Acer Aspire laptop just out of warranty and it is powering on with fans running and lights displaying but not booting up. Just wanna know, if the motherboard problem, what should i do?

When you plug in the AC adapter and press on the power button, there are no signs of life at all. Fan spins, light glows, but for only few seconds, after it turns off.

I have an HP G When a mobo is dead nothings bring on. So I bought an external hard drive and quickly started copying my files off of it. Does your laptop start without hard drive installed? It was like old CRT monitor where the display shrink vertically to the left and down sparing toshiba satellite a135 s7404 xp display on its right side.

There is no CPU activity. I mean, can you see any other LEDs lighting up when you press on the power button? In cases like that I just replace the whole motherboard. Try calling HP about your problem.

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