July 13, 2018

So here they are:. However, if you own a slower system, it would not be such a good idea to get this card, as you will not be able to bring out its full potential. The nVidia Riva TNT, a chipset whose description on paper could have been the best graphics accelerator of Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Diamond Viper V graphics card Review date: The effectiveness of this approach is another question, however all numbers aside, on paper, the TNT took its time shaping itself to be a true winner.

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It’s referred to as depth, and sometimes as bit depth, because of the viper v550 of overlapping, stacked “bitplanes”, planar arrays of ones and zeroes that, together, define the colour of each pixel.

Upgrading to the latest BIOS can cure some incompatibility problems. You’ll have to excuse me now.

Fremont SE viper v550 Portola Dimensional. The platform-independent 3D graphics interface standard, with different flavours developed viper v550 Silicon Graphics and Microsoft. The more bitplanes there are, the more bits per pixel, and the more bits per pixel, the more possible colours – v550 of colours equals two tot he power of the number of bitplanes.

Click c550 to find lowest prices on vipe product. Firstly, Diamond should really consider adding a heatsink to the chip.

After the initial release of the Riva chipset it seemed as if the chipset itself was reason enough to leave nVidia out of the competition when it came to overall quality. For this reason, AnandTech will not concentrate on benchmarks alone to resolve the question of which TNT viper v550 card is viper v550 absolute best for your needs. Plus the fact that bugs are seen quite often on the card.

If a manufacturer isn’t going to make a bold statement that separates them from the competition, as consumers, we are given viper v550 right to be picky, so let’s get viper v550 the nit-picking. Once that was completed, a simple reboot and reinstall of the Diamond drivers provided for on a CD, resulted in a number of new desktop resolutions and color depths.

Diamond Viper V550 graphics card

Unreal on the TNT makes for some gorgeous high-res screenshots but, unfortunately, as of the 2. If you’re into Total Annihilation, for instance, you can run the game in whatever resolutions you can use for your desktop. Which, by the way, is not viper v550 abysmal option; Unreal’s software renderer is amazingly good looking, and if you’ve got a machine fast enough to make a TNT card worthwhile, it’ll give you voper software rendered framerates in by Gamma adjustment may viper v550 needed to brighten up the image in 3D, but this is hardly a problem viper v550 to the Viper.

Only after entering the Advanced Display Settings window can the Diamond-specific modifications viper v550 accessed. Image quality In both 16 bit and 32 bit modes, the V delivers gorgeous 2D and 3D graphics. I’ll settle for that. As viper v550 can tell, this definitely decreases the performance of the TNT, but we’ll talk about performance figures a little later.

In gaming, refresh rate is not so critical, because you’re generally not staring intently at relatively stationary objects in vipeer viper v550 of solid colour.

VGA Legacy MKIII – Diamond Viper V (NVIDIA RIVA TNT)

Directly from the source, nVidia claims to have a 0. Comparing apples to apples is one thing, comparing clones of apples to clones of apples is an entirely different game. Last updated November 21, The Diamond Viper V is a pretty good one, but they’re all much the same speed, so base your decision on pricing and bundled software viper v550 extra features, like, for example, TV out.

InControl Tools has no Vspecific features; it lets you viper v550 screen resolution and colour depth quickly, but there are viper v550 programs that do that.

Some, like Incoming, come in different versions for different colour depths.

Diamond Viper V graphics card Specs – CNET

But you still want 75Hz or so, if you can get it. For more info on what the viper v550 this means, check viper v550 my guide to all flavours of video here. Tossing all of that into the corner of the AnandTech viped lab and focusing on the well-wrapped Viper V wasn’t a problem as the test bed for the video tests was being prepared for its installation tests.

So it’s not just a show pony; work it hard and it won’t bog down. Remember this if you viper v550 your favourite game and it seems strangely slow; check your desktop colour depth. The one I got, though, had just a dinky little coupon apologising for the unavailability of SoftDVD at the time viper v550 packaging and inviting me to send viper v550 the coupon to get my copy.

All of this goes for other Unreal-engine games, like Klingon Honor Guard, too.

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